Karen Elize Solomon

Author of “Pandemics & other P-words”

About Karen

Karen is an Author, writer, passionate leadership development practitioner, coach, mentor, teacher, and community builder. Karen E. Solomon’s life philosophy to serving and empowering rests upon two simple principles:

“There comes a point at which you must face who you are at your very core. And it doesn’t have to be a conversation with others.”

Karen E. Solomon

About My Book

My Plunge and the harrowing months that followed it forced me to sit down, lie down, slow down and stay down long enough for my inner dial to recalibrate. Seven months in I felt the stirrings of revival. Nothing specific or concrete nor anything I could fully compute, much less name. But it stirred up something better. I’d learnt how to be a little more present, so I became better with permission giving. To myself mostly.

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